Missing Feature in Opera Mini (and a temporary solution)

I love Opera Mini for many reasons, and it is my default browser on mobile. It is a perfect solution for Indian mobile users, who generally don’t have smartphones and reliable internet connection (forget 3G!). Opera Mini is supported on almost all popular platforms and devices, which another reason for its huge popularity. One can use it even on poor Nokia s40 mobiles.

An important advantage of using default browsers (like default browser of Android) is their integration with the other apps on that platform. For example, with Android’s native browser – users can share opened web pages on Twitter if they have installed any Twitter app, save it to Evernote and much more. Many third party browsers also have this feature, but Opera Mini lacks this. This is where the coolest app fails. :(


Sharing feature in Android's Native browser



I don’t know why this is missing in Opera Mini. May be this is because of its cross-platform support, or something else. A temporary solution to share web pages is using bookmarklets as described here. You can find many useful bookmarklets here.

And, if you don’t like using separate bookmarklets for different services, you can try a simple service created by me. I have created a tool, and a bookmarklet to use it. When you tap its bookmarklet in Opera Mini, it opens a web page where you can find links to share/save the source page on few popular services (Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper, Evernote, Readability, Translate). Just click the link for desired service and you will be sent to that.

This trick should work on all platforms and devices. Simple! Add this bookmarklet to Opera Mini from here. See this post for help on adding bookmarklets in Mini. Further, the trick should work well on all browsers supporting JavaScript. Of course, this is not the ultimate solution. Opera Software should introduce a dedicated button for sharing and saving web pages on popular web services in Mini.

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