On-Screen Keyboard Interface Using Greasemonkey Script

While working on a public computer in cybercafés, offices, college labs – security is the most worrying factor. Besides several security threats, there may be keyloggers installed on such systems to track your keystrokes. A keylogger can record your keyboard inputs – and hence your important data like passwords, bank details, PIN numbers may get stolen.

To avoid such panic situations, the simplest solution is to use Virtual Keyboard. Although, you can install many virtual keyboard applications other than Windows’ default on-screen keyboard but there is a much advanced and easier trick – an on-screen keyboard interface implemented using greasemonkey script.

 On-screen virtual keyboard


You can install Virtual Keyboard Interface greasemonkey script in Chrome, Firefox and other supported browsers. This adds an on-screen virtual keyboard to textareas, input boxes and password fields. You can input text and special characters using your mouse. To use it – just double-click on the input box and keyboard interface will appear.

Developer Brian Huisman has also created a tool to generate a custom keyboard layout from a keyboard on the MSDN.

This tiny tool adds powerful security feature to your browser with great simplicity.

Link : Virtual Keyboard Interface (greasemonkey script)

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