MTS MBlaze – 3.1 Mbps Data Speed Mobile Broadband USB Modem

MTS India, the relatively new mobile operator in India, has launched their mobile broadband services MBlaze and MBrowse. These services are relatively cheaper than the similar services by other operators: like Tata’s Photon+, Reliance NetConnect+ and BSNL EVDO.

Also check: MTS MBlaze Ultra 3GPlus at 9.8 Mbps speed.

MTS MBlaze has two types of USB modem devices: Premium (Rs 2299) and Standard (Rs 1999). The premium device comes with a micro SD card slot. Hence, it acts as USB modem and pen drive both. MBlaze service provides up to 3.1 Mbps data speed for downloads, and 1.8 Mbps for uploads. Both devices are plug-n-play enabled, hence don’t require driver installation CD.

Detailed specification and tariff information can be found at MTS site:


MTS MBlaze USB Modems


MTS is offering free surfing for selected websites like Wikipedia for a limited period.

MTS MBrowse

MBrowse is CDMA 1x internet service by MTS. This service also has the competitive tariff plans to attract users. The MBrowse USB modem is priced at Rs 1499, which is the lowest price for any USB modem in Indian markets.

MTS has a policy to offer cheaper devices and services. Other similar services like Tata Photon and Reliance NetConnect have a tough competitor now!

48 thoughts on “MTS MBlaze – 3.1 Mbps Data Speed Mobile Broadband USB Modem

  1. vijay kewlani

    i am using mblaze data card
    but i am not satisfy because
    mts not give free surfiring they cam dected my balance
    from my balance
    i can request please mts company you trying to give this facility
    thank you

  2. Rohit

    I am using MTS Mbrowse in Haryana. i am not satisfied with its speed. it took more time to open a site and the connection was deactivated after some time.

    Feel so sad to purchase this wireless card.

    Totally wastage of money.

  3. Sumant Sood

    I advise everyone not to purchase this MTS internet plug. If you have extra money in your pocket then go for it.

  4. gouda

    I advise everyone not to purchase this MTS internet plug. If you have extra money in your pocket then go for it,

  5. Sumant Sood

    Airtel 98 unlimited mobile internet is much better then MTS Mbrowse. So why you waste your money. :)


  6. Sumant Sood

    I am also not able to make a call from Mbrowse to any Local or STD number. When I’m trying to make a call it said “This service is not active on your phone, to activate this service call on 121″. And when I call on 121 it says “Please check the number you have dial”.

    Very worst service.

  7. Sumant Sood

    My Mbrowse signals are totally lost. I am also unable to make a call from MTS Mbrowse to any local or STD number. When I call on any no it says” This service is not available on your phone, to activate this service call on 121″ and 121 it says “Please check the number you have dialed”

    What to do????

    It’s not an internet plug. It’s a pen drive of Rs. 1500 but without an internal memory.

  8. Yogesh

    Mblaze service is not working , 3.1mbps? Hahahaha. . . It works as max. 240kbps. Hahahaha. . Tell me which is the best internet device with its cost.

  9. Manish Singh Post author

    @Yogesh: I will recommend you to use Tata Photon+ or Reliance Net connect+ usb modem.

  10. JAFAR


  11. Bhaskar

    Don’t be fooled by MTS RS.999.00 unlimited plan..what they don’t tell u is that for every 15 GB it is Rs.999.00

  12. Naveen bhoriwal

    Sab bakwas h mts is very bad quality internet plan and device so u do not purchase this mts device..

  13. u d lama

    I purchased MTS USB Modem on 08 Sept 2010 and recharged with 999 unlimited plan which altogether cost me Rs.2950/-. When I use it in Gangtok, Sikkim, MTS(application) UI shows the Max speed of 1750 kbps and download speed shows 240 kbps, and Mozilla download shows fluctuation in the transfer of 50 to 112 kbps. When I use it in the Kalimpong, Dist. Darjeeling, which is in the same geographical location with arial distance of just 35 km where MTS UI shows Max speed only 153 kbps. I think(1)the MTS is not providing or not been able to provide p3.1 mbps as claimed in this region, (2) difference in bandwidth may be due to the quality of mobile towers in particular place according to business prospect or there may be other technical problems as wireless internet is still in infancy stage in this region as well as in our country as a whole. As a customer I insist on receiving 3.1 mbps (at least under company’s fair usage policy)up to 15 gb data (in unlimited scheme). I have no idea about other place but it is sure that unless there is an increase in the number of dedicated players in this field we would be deprived of bandwidth and tariff plan as well. In conclusion,it is better than BSNL data card in Gangtok.


  14. Pravakar pradhan

    I have used relience high speed modem $ tata photon in the region of kurseong darjeeling district since last three years but did not get the satishfied result. but last month when i purchased “MTS MBLAZE” wow i was very glad when i started surfing inter in speed of 1.5 mbps downloading and 900 kbps uploading. yes MTS really worth it in region of the hills thanx to mts which made my dream come true in the field of internet. i suggest all the users of darjeeling hills should use MTS MBLAZE. pravakar….

  15. Prashant Pradhan

    After going through all the comments that u guys have posted….I am in a dilemma. Is there a way in between……..can i get mts mblaze for seven days trial period… that i can check the connectivity at my place and only then decide on what i should do further????????????

    I am from tindharia….ie. 20 mins (on bike) below kurseong….

    someone pls gimme a healthy suggestion……no spam pls.

  16. Prashant Pradhan

    M currently using bsnl 3g…. the connectivity is pretty good but its too expensive….2699 for unlimited downloads…..

    cannot choose between bsnl evdo and mts mblaze……

    would ;be glad if somebody could gimme either of the two for seven days triallll

  17. Manish

    @Prashant: A big NO for MTS (at least in Delhi/NCR). If you want to try – I can send you their device for free, as it is totally useless for me. haha

  18. sandy

    yaaro mea MTS Ki usb lena chahta hua our mea Chandigarh mea reahta hua
    mere liya kya theek rahega Chandigarh mea kiski speed achihai

  19. niharika

    worst speed..worst customer care service, dey never take ur calls n keep u on hold till ur whole balance gets over n above all d material of which it is made its so delicate dat it just broke in 1 week of buying without any fault of ours..and the company has given a warranty of a year..and they are not even replacing it…n is dis a kind of joke dat dey’ll reduce the speed directly from 3.1mbps(which is never dat also) to 153kbps n bout dis hidden policy . i have never seen its speed more den 400-500 kbps..y r dese people foolin every1? I m cursing myself to have brought dis

  20. Doshi

    Customer care and the Internet speed of MTS MBLAZE really bad. Maximum speed of 256kbps. It is not trust worthy. Please don’t go for MTS utter waste. Still if you wanna go for MTS i have it i can sell this for 1300 Rs.

  21. तन्वि मोरे

    mobile broadband (usb) modem
    क्या करने का ये सर्विस लेनेके बाद अगर नही चला
    तो फीर पैसा गया पानी मेँ

    चलो फीर भी एक बार ट्राय मारते है

  22. manjusweez

    it is better to use mblaze because all other broadband’s are less working capacity..of course it is of max 200-300kbps and at least of karnataka that too in a small city..and my suggestion is that you select any of plans but dont use bsnl broad band is like luck may work maynot work..

  23. Ashish Maurya

    hey friends i suggest u to buy MTS Mblaze if u live in mts coverage…
    i meant i am getting good speed to abt 150-250 bacause i live in bhiwadi,rajasthan and in rajasthan the tours are more of mts and service is too good………..
    internet speed is also affected due to place where u live………
    plzz check abt it and then buy/.
    from me i will give it 5 stars…… :)

  24. nix

    MTS is a worst service , i have recharged for 999 unlimited , they said itz unlimited , the speeds were also too low for me itz around 120-140 kbps downloading speed , after 1 week of usage the speed is just 5-10kbps , this is most ever worst broad band service in india , the customer care people wont even pick the call , mtz ssssssssss

  25. Govind

    me govind from haryna (rtk). I m using mbrowser. I have a proble. Proble is that mbrowser don’t show network signal when modem at com 3 or 4 on which i can use. But at com 17 showing signal and i can’t use net at that point. Any one have solution then pls.

  26. Mohammad Shoeb Ansari

    Don’t even purchase this device. My MTS Blaze Download speed is less than 10KBPS now(at 2:46 am in morning). I am using it in Broadband mode and have full network strength.

    The support team is hopeless. I would never suggest anyone to buy MTS MBlaze Connection. Its just useless. They promised to give a speed of 3.1 MBPS and I am downloading at a speed of 6KBPS now?????

    Further, my net didn’t worked last month for two days. They did not even extended my voucher periods. Not happy with MTS MBLaze at all.

  27. Sandy Bomz

    M using MTS n m not satisfied with it’s speed, as i am connecting it from Kurseong…No 3.1 MBPS.

  28. Nitin N10

    Please try vodafone on mobile atleast it will give
    Rs. 95
    1 MBps and 2 GB downloading per month. . . .
    BSNL is the fastest with
    Rs. 750
    100 MBps and unlimited downloading per month .

  29. Pranjal

    Hey guys whatever net you use, just divide the speed promised by the company by 8. If u get the same download speed what you get after dividing by 8 then no need to complain. Mts gives minimum speed of 1.5 mbs. Divide by 8. It is 150 kbs. So dont complain if you getting that speed.( we divide by 8 because mts gives 3.1 megabits/sec and not megabytes/sec. Its the same for all internets. And 1byte=8 bits.)

  30. nikhil

    i just got a MTs connection >.> and i didnt read the FUP!!!!!!!!! these people should be sued in court for false advertisement. Their ads are soo misleading. I feel that any connection that is bound by FUP should not be called “unlimited”. and all this FUP crap is sooo BS, if mean they say they do it to make sure everyone else net is not affected, how is throttling my connection after a certain amount, FUP??

  31. Suresh

    I am facing the same problem and fed up with this company service what should i do?
    every time goes in to sleep mode or zero speed fedd up i don’t have the option that is the reason i am using this.

  32. Dinesh

    MTS data card recharge of 1000 rupees , speed they promised is 3.1MB/s. But I get is <50KB/s . This is a fake. I checked the speed by using many speedTesters and making Hybrid too. F**king MTS. This is a prepaid plan and they are faking people… All I request you is not to take MTS DataCard.. Spread this news.

  33. Munish Kumar

    First of all u guys should know that no internet service provides says they give speed 3.1MB/s they always say 3.1Mb/s. Now B means Bite and b means bit which one of Pranjal have already told u. But we always count as MB. So think about it now go to the terms and conditions where u have read 3.1MB/s. then come back and ask right questions.

  34. Sensei Mohan

    hai friends
    i bring this to your kind notice that all broad band and mobile operators are cheating the public with the support of TRAI. Because the officers those who sitting in the possition are clearly aware of the cheating by the mobile companies. further more if they are not able to focuse on this kind of cheating by the mobile operators why they are sitting in the chair. so please fight against this kind of consumer cheating …..i will give all guidance to file a case in consumer forum against this cheating. before that understand the speed and give your feedback and send your mails to fight for human rights and Justice Jai hind

    1 byte = 8 bits
    1 kilobyte = 8000 bits
    1 Megabyte = 8,000,000 bits

    If you are calculating it in per seconds then add both sides by per seconds. For eg. 2 Kbps = 8000 bps.

    Going deep into the conversation units will ultimately make you a calculator. To calculate download speeds you need to divide the speed in unit-bytes by 1byte.

    e.g. If 256 Kbps is the speed your internet provider is giving then your download speed will be 256/8 = 32 Kbps.

    If BSNL is giving 3.1 Mbps speed then your download speed will be 3.1*1000 Kbps /8 = 387.5 Kbps.
    Like wise calculate the download speeds.

    The best way to test wireless speed is doing a speed test online at This requires an internet connection.

  35. purna

    hi frens
    does anyone have my solution?
    when i my installing my mbrowse modem it succed upto 80%. and after that a red cross sign appears with ”Please insert mts broadband modem.”
    but i have already plugged it at the time of installation.

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