A Magical Greasemonkey Script For Twitter Web Interface

Troy Thompson has created a wonderful All-in-One greasemonkey script which removes almost all shortcomings of Twitter web interface. People love TweetDeck and other twapps because these tools improve twitter experience by adding some more functionalities. But, this script is just magic – it will integrate some basic tools to the native web interface.

RT button and Nested Replies

Let me tell you some cool features of this script :

  • Adds RT button to each tweet.
  • Images & Videos get embedded.
  • #hashtags get hyperlinked to corresponding page at twitter search.
  • Nested Twitter Replies. You can see entire conversations at one place.
  • Short URLs get decoded and replaced by the title of page.
  • Long URLs (typed to post) are automatically shortened, if text overflows  140 character limit.
  • AutoComplete : as you start typing friend’s user name after @ sign, script will autocomplete it. Great!
  • Bios on user listing : when viewing friends or followers page,you can see the Bio of users along. Hence, no need to visit their profile page to know more about them.

see user's bio

  • Save Search : using this script, you can also save your search which actually get saved as a sidebar tab. Just click on it to read latest updates related.

There are many more features, like : Groups, Notes, Local time, map location etc. This is a complete package for web interface. :)

To use this greasemonkey script you need Firefox + Greasemonkey add-on. Install it from here.

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I am loving this wonderful script :)