Google Script Converter

Google Labs has introduced another useful tool for the users who face problems with other languages. Google already provides its translation service in multiple languages. This new tool – Google Script Converter, converts the script of the text. It doesn’t translate the text – just script is changed.

Google Script Converter

What is Google Script Converter?

It is a Google Labs tool to convert the script of text. You can manually enter the text or can provide the URL of any website. Suppose, if the you can understand spoken Hindi but can’t read its script – Devnagari, this service will convert the Devnagari text to Roman (English) Script.

Currently, it supports Devanagari (Hindi, Marathi, Nepali), Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telgu and English.

How to Use Google Script Converter?

Visit homepage of Google Script Converter, enter the text/url, select the target script/language and hit the convert button.

Script Translation - English (Roman) to Hindi (Devnagari)

It is an online/web based tool, hence you don’t need to download anything. :)

Link : Google Script Converter (Google Labs)

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    I want to write my Blog in Hindi. I know hindi typing so I want to write my blog in Hindi in Hindi remington typing.
    Kindly advise me which font is required for hindi remington I type direct in Blog in Hindi ? or It can be copy paste from Word file? Please help.

  2. Praveen

    Dear sir

    I want to know about how i can translate english to hindi of a document and how can i place this file in to ms office word and which font is used in hindi

  3. sachin

    How do i convert english to marathi ..can anyone plz tell me ..i will be very thankful to him

  4. D S SAGAR

    i am looking for the software which converts the Roman script to Dev Nagarii script. What would be cost?

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