How To Sync Your Bookmarks In Google Chrome?

Google recently announced the bookmark sync for Google chrome users. Here is how you can use this feature.

Step #1> Install the dev channel version of Google Chrome from here.

Step #2> Modify Google chrome’s  launching shortcut.

modify chrome shortcut

For this, make a right click on the chrome’s shortcut and select “Properties”. In the “Target” field append the following code :

Alternatively, you can launch the Chrome from the “Run” box with the above flag. hence, run the chrome like this :
C:\...........\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --enable-sync

Step #3> Now, start the Google chrome. Select the “Sync my bookmarks” option from the Tools menu :

Sync my bookmarks in google chrome

Step #4> Provide your Google log-in details :

And, you are done!

From now onwards, you can get all your bookmarks at other computers. You can stop chrome to sync your bookmarks by visiting Tools > Sync my bookmarks again.

Stop sync

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