FullonSMS.com – Send Free Unlimited SMS To Any Mobile Number Using Internet

FullonSMS.com is a new website offering free SMSes to any mobile number in India. This website allows registered users to send unlimited SMS, and the sender’s mobile number will be displayed on the receiver’s handset. Users can send SMS with maximum 160 characters.




Other features of FullonSMS.com include contact list, scheduling a SMS to send anytime in future, Create and manage groups, send SMS to an entire group in one go etc. To start, you need to sign-up (create account). The site will send a confirmation code on your mobile number in order to prevent spam and misuse. You need to enter this code on the website to activate your account. Once your account gets activated, you can start sending free and unlimited SMS from internet to any mobile phone in India.

To cover the operation cost, service pushes adverts in the sent messages.  I have tried FullOnSMS.com, and it is working fine and fast. This site gives a tough competition to the existing similar free SMS providers like 160by2 and MyCantos.com. Must try it!

36 thoughts on “FullonSMS.com – Send Free Unlimited SMS To Any Mobile Number Using Internet

  1. Khusheel

    Really,its a wonderful sites for sending free sms too anywhere in india i daily use this this sites and send free sms to my friends

  2. Aparna

    from our company this site is not opening and i want to send free sms to my friends What should i do to open this site.

  3. Manish Singh Post author

    @Anantha: fullonsms.com and all other such services were facing problems due to ban on bulk sms. they should work now as earlier. try again.

  4. Jitendra panchal

    i used this facility since last week but problem is that sometimes it’s work faster but sometimes it may not. but i think it is good idea to send sms free of cost & keep in touch with long distance frnds. thanks for such a good site.

  5. Kamal

    Could not connect to the server…in opera its become big prob…..is their any other way to get into this site

  6. Jitendra

    Please tell me some more websites to send Happy new Year SMS 2011 – where I donot need to type new year sms myself.

  7. Deepak

    2010 Me Jo Paap Kiye H Usko Bhugto 2011Me

  8. Deepak

    Kuch paya tha kuch khoya tha
    Bus ye soch kr dil bahot roya tha
    Pr aaj hum ye soch kr khamosh he
    K jo khoya he wo kya sach me kbhi paya Tha


    Hi,i am Akshay.
    This webside is very useful for sending SMS. I am very excited about this sms service. I am also opened an account,i am using from 7mnth. Ok have a nice day.

  10. t a khan

    i am not able to register and send free sms through full on sms. plz guide me.

  11. Manu

    FULLONSMS.com has stopped working for me. It was working fine on my LG P350 Android phone. I have installed its application from Android market. The application was working fine til recently.
    But now it does not send SMS. I love FULLONSMS.com for its free service. Is this related with recent “DO Not Disturb” policy of government and has government banned FULLONSMS and other free sms sites like this? Can some one please clarify this situation?

  12. Rahul


    Your favorite site, fullonsms.com now support sending picture SMS. In fact with its new secret sms feature, you can send across just about anything including picture, video, HTML Pages, smiley and much more.

    to check the feature, logon to fullonsms.com and Select Secret SMS under SMS & MORE.

    When you send a such message, you have option of either to password protect such message, or to share with the whole world. You can even save the message for future use. this is all really amazing so do checkout.

    Site Admin.

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