fefoo – Best Multi Search Engine Tool

fefoo is the simplest tool to search many search engines at same time.

We love to use Blind Search and other similar tools to search many search engines at the same time. But, fefoo is the most unique tool. It provides a very clean way to search multiple sites – A powerful toolbar. This toolbar expands on the result page and helps  users to select search engines.

To try this powerful search engine, visit fefoo.com. You will notice search categories like Blogs, Encyclopedia, Finance, Health, Images, Jobs, Music, MP3, Movies, People, Sports, TV, Torrents, Video etc. After selecting a search category, you can select a search engine.

The default combination is Web + Google. fefoo integrates 40+ categories and 250+ search engines. :)

As you search, a (optional) toolbar is present at the top of the result page. This helps in changing search category and search engine.

fefoo toolbar

fefoo supports keyboard shortcuts and many more features. A fantastic searching tool!

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