Dropbox’s Offer For Students

Dropbox, the popular online storage and sync service, has launched a new initiative: Dropbox Edu. Dropbox Edu is specially projected for the students. Everyone (students?) with an .edu email address will get double credit for referrals. Hence, when anyone sign-ups for Dropbox using referral link of a user with an .edu email address, Dropbox will credit 500MB web space to the account of referrer. Dropbox generally credits 250MB web space for referring other users to the service.


dropbox Edu


Dropbox announced this exciting update for students on twitter. Moreover, international .edu addresses will also work for this promotional offer. Which means this offer is not only for US residents. Although this seems exciting again, but colleges and schools in many countries (including India) don’t use .edu TLD for their websites. Most of the Indian institutes use .ac.in top-level domain name.

Link: Dropbox Edu

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One thought on “Dropbox’s Offer For Students

  1. Students Den

    If you’re already using Dropbox, and have a school email address, you can get 500mb per referral (past and future), instead of the 250 mb.

    Doesn’t even have to be @edu!

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