Use Microsoft SkyDrive As A Local Disk

Google recently announced big discount on Gmail and Picasa Web storage, and hence it is clear now that GDrive is not coming soon. :( Microsoft wins here with its free 25 GB webdisk SkyDrive.

I use Universal Uploader for Firefox – an add-on which provides an easier way to upload files to various services from a single interface. But, it does not support SkyDrive yet. Though, I have tried some other applications (like Gladinet) for accessing SkyDrive from desktop but none of them performed so well. Thankfully, a new such app “SkyDrive Explorer” seems to be promising.

SkyDrive Explorer

SkyDrive Explorer is a desktop client for Microsoft SkyDrive. It integrates SkyDrive to Windows Explorer as a virtual disk and hence, you can use SkyDrive as another disks in your computer. Just upload, download, browse, drag & drop, copy or paste files and folders like a usual memory storage device.

Use SkyDrive As Another Disk in your computer

SkyDrive Explorer supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. To use this application, download it and install to your computer. Now, you can find “SkyDrive Explorer” in “My Computer” along with other memory devices.

This freeware is still in beta and claims to use standard Microsoft library (for work with Windows Live ID services) for advanced security.

Link : SkyDrive Explorer. (via Channel 10)


PS – This tool is not an official application from Microsoft (actually none of such exists!). So, use it on your own risk!

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