Chrome Web Store Displaying User Comments in Random Order?

Chrome Web Store gives users the opportunity to rate and comment on the hosted extensions, themes and apps. This is a very useful feature because it serves as a feedback tool which is helpful for both, the developer and the other users willing to install that extension. I am not sure if it is a bug or feature, but unfortunately the comments posted in Chrome Web Store (CWS) are displayed in a confusing order.

comments posted in Chrome Web Store are sorted in an annoying way
(larger view)

As you can see in above screenshot (or, visit CWS to see it live), these comments are displayed in a random order. These are not sorted by most recent, most “helpful”, most voted or any other possible order. This random display may confuse other users, as sometimes comments related to old and resolved bugs in the extension may appear at the top.

An “anonymous” Chrome extension developer has posted his experience with the above problem. He describes, “There is a serious bug affecting the Chrome Webstore. It hasn’t been fixed in 3 weeks. A bug report has already been submitted, but it’s current languishing as “unconfirmed”. It has already cost me 23% of my users and my user count is still continuing to drop. […] As a result of this bug, the top comment on my app is one from over a year ago complaining that it causes Chrome to crash on a secure banking page. The issue has long been fixed, but now anyone visiting my app’s listing will come away with an uneasy feeling that it might be doing something nefarious.”. (Read complete post here).

I’m not sure why the comments are appearing in random order. The best way to display comments in any application store/gallery would be displaying most voted/”helpful” comments first, along with the option to view latest comments.

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