Download Google Chrome Canary Build – Use Dev Channel Side By Side With Beta or Stable Channel

We have shown you the process to change the release channel of Google Chrome. But, if you want to try the features of Dev channel release side by side with other Google Chrome installations (i.e.; along with the regular dev, stable or beta channel) on the same computer, here is a very simple solution for you: Google Chrome Canary Build.

The canary build is only available for the Windows platform, and it installs and runs side by side with other Google Chrome installations. You can install Chrome canary build from here


Download Google Chrome Canary Build – Use Dev Channel Side By Side With Beta or Stable Channel


Alternatively, you can install latest Chromium nightly build which is meant for developers and early adopters, but I would strongly recommend canary Build as it updates just like the regular dev channel release. Google’s developer Huan Ren explains Canary build in Chromium-dev group:

In usual situation, the canary build will be same as dev build. Sometimes if necessary, we may push additional update on canary build so its version is higher than dev. This may happen in following possible scenarios:

  • When a beta branch is cut and a dev build is released from the beta branch, we may release a canary build from trunk so we have user coverage for builds from trunk.
  • When we need to release a risky dev build, we may push it to canary build first for test.
  • If you are doing development/test for chromium project or interesting in getting involved, we recommend you install Google Chrome canary build and use it on daily basis.* It helps you keep track of activities from both trunk and release branches.

Though, you can’t set Chrome Canary build as your default browser. Canary build is recommended for all Chrome developers and early adopters.

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