Change Default Search Engine In Opera Mini

Opera Mini allows users to add new search engines and change the default one (which is Google in most of the regions). Opera Mini comes with many pre-set search engines like Wikipedia, and IMDb etc. There may be some other search providers available to you depending upon your location, as Opera has partnership with several local search providers. Moreover, one can easily edit the existing search engines and add new search engines to Opera Mini.

To add a new search provider to Opera Mini / Opera browser for Android, try this trick. Long tap on any search box, and you should see a context menu with option “Add Search Engine”. For example, the following screenshot shows the context menu on Twitter.

add search engine Opera Mini

Tap on this “Add Search Engine” option, and the search engine would be added to your browser installation.

You can also manage your search engine preferences and change the default search engine. For this, tap on the search box to expand it and then tap on the drop down arrow next to the favicon of the search engine. This will open the list of currently available search engines, as shown in the following screenshot:

opera mini search engines

Tap on “Manage Search Engines” to manage these search engines, you may also delete unwanted ones. Tapping on any specific search engine would make it the default search engine.

3 thoughts on “Change Default Search Engine In Opera Mini

  1. Billy

    adding search engines is great but it would be better if opera took my search engine choice to heart. every time I restart the app search engine goes to google default. I have to switch it back every time – is that really necessary? ugh! seems like a very trivial thing to implement.

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