blekko : A New Search Engine

blekko is a new search engine, currently in private beta and launching publicly on November 1. blekko is a new product in a market, which is considered to be toughest for new players. We have seen many new (and failed!) search engines like Cuil, which were introduced as "Google Killer". Well, the good thing about blekko: It is not a “Google Killer”! blekko’s cofounder, Rich Skrenta, has already accepted the fact that There’s No Such Thing As A Google Killer.

Skrenta says, "If you were to start a soft-drink company, would you be a Coke killer? Would you create a product that tasted exactly like Coke and put it in a red can? Of course not, that would be product suicide. Trying to be a Google-killer is probably the one sure way not to succeed.".



blekko is not going to be a half baked project, as the team is working on it for 2.5 years now. blekko has a query refinement tool, known as slashtag. The slashtags search only the sites you want and cut out the spam sites. Users can create their own public / private slashtags or use other public slashtags. To create a new slashtag, users can search and add websites manually or upload a text / OPML file (nice!).




The slashtag feature is not the only exciting feature of blekko. blekko believes that the search shall be open, search results shall involve people, ranking data shall not be kept secret and spam does not belong in search results. If you hate Google because of too much spam in the SERP – you will love blekko!

(ps: Google offers a service, Google CSE, which allows users to search within selected domain names.)

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  1. Priyank

    thanks Arpit for your invit to

    I’m enjoying blekko so far but sadly it works only for links. no image/ video search. Too far from google.

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